The Georgia Trader


Here is the 5 year plan for the The Georgia Trader. I wanted a place to put my journal, Gear List, and threw in the Jeep manual for kicks. The main focus will be on the Gear List for now, a list of what I have, what I need, and what needs to be packed.

Where Do We Go?


Adventures is going to take you to the blog, a kinda sorta journal for the trips we have taken. A place to write down the positive and determine what opportunities we have to improve. There is not much there for the moment. Most of my time has been spent on the revamping of the main site and Jeepiki.

Gear List

Gear List should be self-explanatory as to it's purpose, with the following breakdown:

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Shelter
I am thinking food should contain recipe's with ingredients and Clothing based on location and weather.


Jeepiki a repair manual for Jeep's, not sure how this will turn out or if it should even continue and try another approach. I really like the basic's of the FSM layout that uses xml with svg img's, but the wiki approach may work. Still plugging along.